Upcoming Release of Version 3.1

Better Integration with Twitch

Published: 2020-10-04

The upcoming release of version 3.1 of InstructBot come new features integrating it more tightly with Twitch.

Twitch Channel Points.

The biggest update to InstructBot is the ability for it to now respond to twitch channel point redemptions allowing you to setup rewards which will trigger commands.

If you've used StreamElements or StreamLabs points in InstructBot before all you'll have to do is enable the Twitch points system, see: here, and then create rewards with matching point cost.

If you're new to InsructBot you'll need to do the above and then create commands with a points trigger. See here on how to create a command.

With the above done the next time a user redeems a reward, a command with matching points cost will be triggered.

Setting Your Category Automatically.

InstructBot can now update the category displayed on Twitch to match your currently active application name. To see how to enable this behaviour see: here.

Setting Your Stream Title.

The user interface has been improved so that you can set your stream title through it.

Enhanced Use Command.

A new remove argument has been added to the use command. The inverse of add, this removes uses of a command for a particular user, see: here.