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Connect to StreamElements, StreamLabs, TipeeeStream or Twitch and let chat take control of your game by using bits, donations, points and more; you decide.

InstructBot is fully configurable and supports multiple games giving you the flexibility to choose what to your viewer can affect within the games you play.

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Application Screen

How it Works

Play a Game Icon Play a Game

Run the application, configure, connect to Twitch and play a game.

Viewers Interact Icon Viewers Interact

Your viewers use bits, donations, points and more to trigger actions you've configured; causing effects in game or on screen.

You React Icon You React!

The actions occur without your input forcing you to react, will your viewers attempt to help or hinder you?


User Configurable User Configurable

InstructBot is fully configurable through it's UI, allow your viewers as much control as you're comfortable with.

Target A Specific Application Target A Specific Application

No need to worry about tabbing out of your game and a command being executed against the wrong application, as commands can be configured to run only when the target application is active.

External Command External Command

Need to be able to trigger another application, then setup an external command to launch it for you.

Help Command Help Command

Automatically generate help messages to keep your viewers informed about what's currently enabled.

Input Command Input Command

Allow viewers to press keys, mouse buttons or move your mouse on your computer as you play. Trying to be sneaky, allow them to ruin it as they make you shoot...

Mute Sound Command Mute Sound Command

Allow viewers to mute your game sound, you didn't need that sound right?

Play Sound Command Play Sound Command

Allow viewers to play sounds on stream with a play sound command.

Random Command Random Command

Allow your viewers to spin the command wheel by creating random commands.

Swap Left and Right Mouse Button Command Swap Left and Right Mouse Button Command

Get confused easily? Then maybe allowing you viewer to swap your left and right mouse buttons for a duration isn't for you.

Text Command

Have social links which your viewers need to know about? Then use a text command to output them into chat.

Timeout Command Timeout Command

Want your viewers to be able to time each other out? Setup some timeout commands picking the required duration for each.

Moderators get on your viewers nerves, then enable moderator timeout so they say bye, bye, for a few minutes.

Don't want to restore them manually when the timeout ends, then automate it with automatic restore.

StreamElements StreamElements

Integrated with StreamElements. InstructBot can be configured to respond to tips and points.

StreamLabs StreamLabs

Integrated with StreamLabs. InstructBot can be configured to respond to donations and points.

TipeeeStream TipeeeStream

Integrated with TipeeeStream. InstructBot can be configured to respond to donations.

Twitch Twitch

Colloquially known as "BitBot", InstructBot integrates with Twitch and can be configured to respond to bits, channel rewards, subscriptions and more.

What content creators say

I only have good things to say about InstructBot. It has managed to bring a level of interactive chaos to my stream I didn't think possible. Seeing it grow from it's inception to where it is now has been amazing, and it gives me complete faith that it can and will only get better. My chat loves it, my wallet loves it and you will too.

Baddie - 26/04/2019

Я пользуюсь программой InstructBot уже несколько месяцев. InstructBot привнес элемент неожиданности в мои стримы, а также сделал их гораздо веселее. В основном использую программу на совместных стримах, чтобы сделать совместные игры в Escape From Tarkov интереснее. Команда тех. поддержки работает оперативно и если с какими-то нюансами возникли проблемы, то они решаются достаточно быстро.

Translation: I have been using InstructBot for the last few months. InstructBot has brought an element of surprise to my streams, while also making them a lot more fun. In general I use it mainly in duo streams, to make duos in Escape from Tarkov more interesting. The support team works very fast and very well and if there are any nuances, these get dealt with relatively quickly.

BakeeZy - 05/08/2019

This is the single most engaging, entertaining and downright hilarious piece of software a streamer could ask for! I've had epic wins, fails and laughs with my community as a result of introducing InstructBot and I'm just getting started! It's potential uses are limitless, from FPS games, to old school Mario roms, this bot can allow your viewers to participate, troll and ultimately feel even more a part of your game in almost every game you play. InstructBot is absolutely game changing for streamers and our level of interactivity with our viewers, they love it! Great work guys!

Drinno - 29/04/2019

This bot is truly genius! It has allowed my community to interact with me in a way that I never thought would be possible. My community takes great pleasure in making my gaming experience as challenging as possible with the bot while at the same time supporting me, it's amazing fun for all involved. Omsad is always very helpful and quick to reply with any queries you may have. 11/10 would recommend.

Glitzyphoenix - 09/06/2019

As a Tarkov streamer I am always looking for new and fun ways to play the game with audience engagement and this bot has really given me the opportunity to allow my viewers to actually play the game along with me. Giving my chat the ability to control the actions within the game as if they are playing it themselves makes for some absolutely hilarious moments! I can't wait to see what additions and integrations are in store for the future! I love this bot!

Inky - 23/05/2019

InstructBot has helped my channel's profits grow five times the normal amount! My chat has only given me positive feedback about the bot as its created a way for them to play the game with me! Mostly they like to troll my friends playing EFT with me, and it makes for a stressful raid, 10/10 would use bot again!

JazzyWazzy94 - 29/04/2019

Being able to let your community participate and actually control your movements and actions in game makes for some absolutely unique and hilarious moments. It creates an even more interactive scene with your viewers, which for me is the most important thing as a broadcaster. Along with having more fun it has also increased my revenue, so I can do nothing but recommend the InstructBot!

Jiinxy - 09/06/2019

InstructBot bridges chat interactivity and donations in a innovative, and easy way. You donate bits / PayPal money to the broadcaster, and the computer presses a key the caster setup. The bot is updated with new features, often. As a broadcaster, I've found it incredible to drive donations. It's possible to even give "command credits" to viewers as giveaways. The chat interactivity is unlike any other program I've seen. You set the commands you want, and it is pretty intuitive to use. I give InstructBot a 10/10, would buy again.

KaptainKayy - 01/05/2019

InstructBot has been great. Omsad has been an absolute monster when it comes to responding to requests from the users of his bot and adding features that people have requested. The few small bugs that have happened were quickly addressed by him. I do highly recommend this bot for your own channel. It's a great way to interact with chat and make things fun and unique. Installation and setting up the bot and commands itself is a breeze. I haven't had any issues with the bot whatsoever and I've used it for over 24 hours continuously with zero hiccups.

Kiings - 21/03/2019

As someone that streams professionally every single day, I've been using InstructBot since the day it was created. The straight-forward interface, extremely approachable and receptive developer, and reliability of the bot and its performance are second-to-none.

I have seen an increase in bit usage by nearly 300% and an increase in tips of nearly 60% day-to-day since implementing it. With my stream being a brand in which people pay to mess with me, the bot quickly became integral to my Stream’s success.

It is single-handedly the most powerful revenue-generating tool that I currently have at my disposal. Its worth at least 3x the retail price. I would recommend this bot to any serious content creator looking to create or expand their revenue generation capabilities.

Onepeg - 27/03/2019

InstructBot is f**king epic for getting the chat involved, my community loves playing with my sanity and giving them the ability to f**k with my game made them so happy. InstructBot really takes jump scares to the next level and the things you can do with it are completely unique, there's really nothing like it on the market.

Slushpuppy - 27/04/2019

InstructBot is a versatile, well designed and implemented piece of software that enables your viewers to control what happens in game. It is the single most audience engaging thing I have come across to date. With even more features coming in the near future - this looks like something which could enrich and redefine streaming for a lot of people, new or old to Twitch.

SneakyRU007 - 17/06/2019

InstructBot hat die Nutzung von Bits auf meinem Channel auf ein ganz neues Level gehoben. Es ist einfach genial wie die Community in das Spiel eingreifen kann um dem Streamer zu helfen oder ihm das Leben schwer zu machen. Ein riesen Spaß für alle. Außerdem ist der Support von Omsad sehr vorbildlich.

Translation: InstructBot has taken the use of bits on my channel to a whole new level. It's just awesome how the community can intervene in the game to help the streamer or make his life difficult. Great fun for everyone. In addition, the support from Omsad is exemplary.

Thompsn - 30/06/2019

InstructBot has changed the game for bit usage. It has single handedly increased my revenue by 700%. It also had allowed my viewers to have more interactions, and involvement in effecting my gameplay. Its extremely easy to use, and very under priced. This kind of program should cost five times more than it does.

WillerZ - 01/05/2019


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18.00 GBP every 6 months.


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30.00 GBP every year.

Trial: Every subscription has a 30 days free trial for new subscribers. If you cancel within the first 30 days you wont be charged.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 10/11. Network: Connection to the Internet.