Upcoming Release Version 3.6

Published: 2021-11-26

So whilst it's taken longer to complete than expected today version 3.6 has been released to the InstructBot testers. Below is an outline of what is coming in the new version, which has a target release date of the end of December.

Please note everything below is still subject to change based upon testing and feedback of my testers.


An update to allow you to assign the current value explicitly from within the UI, and a new setting to toggle if triggering amounts also increment the value.


Currently an application become active when a window with matching name is focused. This stops working when the window text changes as the game is play.

There has been added the ability to set a pattern so that if the application name changes in a predictable manor, it will still be detected.

E.g. if an application has a target window name of Game XX% where XX increments from 0 to 100 as you progress though the game, this could be handled as you could create a pattern to pick up Game 0%, Game 1%, Game 2% through to Game 100%.


There have been a number of changes including:

  • Adding alias, e.g. you could assign the identifier help, and then have alias of bot, bitbot etc... so a user in you chat can type !help or !bot or !bitbot.

    InstructBot showing an example of new alias in InstructBot.

  • Allow all key actions of an input command to use the generalised Alt, Ctrl and Shift keys, rather than specific Left Alt / Right Alt, Left Ctrl etc... as some game don't respond to the specific key and instead respond to the generalised one.

  • Allowing you to select a specific output device for individual play sound commands.

  • Being able to cancel a command which is running.

  • Keeping track of which keys and mouse buttons have been pressed in an input command, and then reversing them automatically when the command completes if not done explicitly by the command. For example if you have an input command with a Key Down W action, currently if that command completes without a corresponding Key Up W action, the key will remain pressed until you press it on your keyboard. The new tracker will now send a Key Up W action automatically when the input command finishes.

  • Letting the repeat action of an input command function over a given time period, e.g. 5 seconds / 10 seconds, as well as the ability to specify a delay between repetitions.

  • The ability to set the text output in the help command for the free, points and subscription triggers. For example you could change the default subscription output from Tier X Subscription to TX Sub.

Third Party Integrations

A re-work of how InstructBot connects to third parties has been implemented so that they are all independent, and can be connected / disconnected without affecting the other connections.

This means you'll no longer need to reconnect if, for example you enabled StreamElements whilst already connected. The connection to StreamElement will instead just happen.

It should also lead to an increase in visibility of when InstructBot is reconnecting, e.g. a new UI has been created to show when individual connection to Twitch Chat, Twitch PubSub, StreamElements etc... have been dropped and are reconnecting.

There have then been an update to some of the individual third parties.


Ability to take donations from TipeeeStream, e.g. as StreamElements / StreamLabs, has been added.


Migration from the V5 API which will be removed in February 2022 of the new Helix (V6) API.